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Strangers Unite

Have you ever felt more connected to strangers than the people you actually know? Well, if you have felt like this then you know exactly how I feel. In most instances, it is strangers who seems to support your dreams and goals more than your friends and family do? Do people really support popularity?


Regardless of the fact of the matter is that strangers will support you more than people you know ever will. It's the sad truth, but its reality.

As someone who is becoming more passionate about my writing, I have realize that my strongest supporters, are people that I follow on twitter whom most I have never met in person.

I know I do not feel alone in this matter because I have come across several tweets about people who feel the same way that strangers support more than people who we actually know.

Many of the people I know, and family on the other hand, don't even bother to read my work, let alone share my work.

But why is this? Why do strangers support us better than the people we already know? Why would someone you've never met be your biggest supporter, and support your wildest dreams. Why would the ones you think would be there for you and be there to support you shoot down your dreams as fast as you tell them. Heres why.

  1. Most people around you are not where they want to be in their life, and supporting you and your dreams will make them realize that to be even more true.

  2. Your personal growth and growing business could be intimidating to them; a reminder to them that they aren't in the place where they want to be.

  3. Everyone serves different purposes in our lives. Everyone is not going to support you and that is okay. We have to identify the purposes that people serve in our lives.

  4. Many of your friends and family are in different phases and expect you to stay in the same trenches with you, and if you don't and grow; then you suddenly think you are "better than they are" and "high and mighty."

While we go through life it is important to understand that people are selfish and can be without trying. Your friends and family may not openly support your goals if they cannot benefit from them.


As humans we put too much weight on what other people think of us. Other people opinions shouldn't matter. If we love something so much to do something than we should do it regardless of what others will think. People are going to speak on their experiences on things we ask them for opinions on, but their experiences might not be on that particular thing we are asking.

Our happiness shouldn't lie on what others think, but on what we think and believe for ourselves. Happiness and what we chose to do shouldn't be based on the expectations of others but ourselves.


While you are working on your purpose and future it is important to filter out the fake and reflect on the quality rather than the quantity of the friendships and people in your life. Your true friends will support you 100% and if you have "friends" who don't then they should just be called acquaintances.

If strangers support you and see you building and growing and are encouraging you and support you then you focus on that. Don't focus on who don't. Focus on those who do, and those who don't will rid themselves.

All in all, do what's for you regardless of who support you. The world is waiting for you and your amazing talents.


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