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Hurting, yet Healing

Hurting while healing. Times like this can be very painful. You don't know up from down, you find yourself crying out of nowhere, one day you're fine, and the next you're tumbling down. Hurting, yet trying to heal.

Everything is temporary in life...even pain.

Sometimes life can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we see the change, and sometimes we don't. Often times, change can be painful. Regardless of the fact if we see the painful change coming, it's still going to hurt the same.

Life can throw so many different things at us. Deaths, heartbreaks, illness, injury, and abandonment to name a few.

In life, we may go through similar things with other people, but every hurt that we endure won't feel the same way it does fort me as it may for someone else. Pain is personal. No matter how many times, you or even I may say, "We understand," when someone is hurting, truth is, we don't. Everyone deals and grieves with pain differently.

Sometimes as humans, we wonder "why." Why did we have to suffer? Why did we have to go through this pain? Wondering why will drive you crazy. Get out of the why cycle. Sometimes the why isn't in relation to what happened but more so WHY did they hurt me? Truth be told, obsessing over this is a waste of energy, and the energy could be focused on healing. Free your mind of wondering why. Instead of wondering why? Ask yourself. How do I get past this? How do I grow from this? What did I learn from this? How do I prevent myself from getting hurt by this?

In order to heal while you are hurting. You have to allow yourself to feel and be one with whatever you are feeling.

Unfortunately, I have learned that if you try to avoid the pain, you won't do anything but increase the pain that you are already feeling. To heal, you must feel the emotions. Be one with your emotions. Feel the feels, don't run from them. Give yourself permission to heal and feel. Time and patience is key to your healing.

Hurt, but don't stay there. Let go of the xyz happened to you and grow from it. Whatever you went through, yes it hurt you. It almost broke you. But just like me, you are still here. You are still growing every day. You are still making it. Whatever happened to you happened. Regardless of what happened to you, how they hurt you, you are STILL here! Sure, you may have been victimized but you are NOT A VICITM. You are a warrior. You're resilient. You're better. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! Don’t let what happened to you overcome you, and don't let it become your life. I'm talking to myself on this one too. It's time to rewrite your story. That hurt was temporary. A moment in time. It was hurtful, painful even. However, don't let that hurt turn you into someone you're not. Don't let the hurt make you doubt who you are. You are no longer a victim. You are healing.

Hurt, but yet healing.

I can't cry anymore because it's exhausting and it gives me a headache, and I am already so tired.

Peace and Love. Remember you are NOT who hurt you. You are better.


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