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Closure is a Trap.

We've all been there. Break-ups sucks. Whether you're going through a break-up from a six-month relationship or a 3 year relationship one, we can all agree that the months and weeks following can be extremely heartbreaking and downright confusing. You and the other person could have had the world's clearest communication and clearest breakup and you still will find yourself wondering months later what the hell happened.

A lot of us feel like when a relationship ends on bad terms that we have to get closure and truth is, we dont. Closure is a trap. It's a trap to fall back into what we got out of in the first place.

"Closure" is just essentially an excuse to meet up and/or talk with your ex to have one last conversation in which you're supposed to get all of your questions answered about where things in the relationship went wrong and get the loose ends tied up. In theory, it sounds harmless but it's a trap because it can reel you back in.

Personally, after a breakup from a "situationship" I processed my thoughts and feelings about how I felt and I came to realization that I don't actually need a closure talk to move on, because it's pointless.

After a relationship ends, we are left with a pieces to try and mend back together to try and make sense of. Maybe we were blindsided by the end of the relationship or maybe we saw it coming.

It's tempting to believe that the getting the answers to our questions will put our mind at ease. It's one of the reason why I believe "closure talks" are so popular. We like to think that if we could hear it from them or see them hurting too, then we could finally stop wondering so much and put the past behind us.

That's what become so harmful to our healing after a breakup and closure talks because it allows us to become lazy in our healing by forcing us to believe we can possibly move on until we get closure from the other person. We tell ourselves we'll be able to move on after we see them or talk to them one last time. This prolongs our healing because it won't help.

So all in all. Closure is bull. Closure is a trap. 0/10. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Closure has to come from yourself. You have to give yourself closure. Closure comes when you start to accept that there nothing you could have done to prevent the breakup or to make someone love you more or love you less. The fact is that everyone isn't meant to be together.

Closure talk isn't necessary.

That is it. That is all.


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