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Check Yourself, Sis.

Is everything around you tumbling?

Is everything suddenly spinning out of control?

Are friends turning on you?

Family ain't got nothing for you?

Is the common denominator in all these things, YOU?

If you answered yes to that last question; then check yourself sis.

Unfortunately, the common factor in all these situations is you sis. It's not them sis. It's you.

Sometimes we get so tangled up in life expectations that we forget that we can be the main issue in our lives.

Life isn't perfect, and neither are you.

So there's no easy way to put this sis, sometimes the problem may be you.

Sometimes sis, we can be the toxic, messy, dramatic one. Instead of placing the blame on other people or the universe; take responsibility for your actions.

The first step in fixing a problem is to acknowledge that a problem exists.

Fixing the problem is the most difficult part. The problem may lay with how you're interacting with the world, and how others see you.

The problem could very well be how you communicate with others. I have seen this be the problem with so many people. Ineffective communication will ruin a great relationship. So if you are a person who sucks at communication, then sis the problem is you.

Work on Yourself...For Yourself...

The good news is that IF the problem is YOU then the answer to the problem is in you. This means you can change the path that your life is going in for the better.

Change can be scary, but change is also necessary.

You may have a hard time seeing that change is necessary, and that it is indeed you who needs to change. It can be so much easier to blame everyone else for your problems, to blame situations, but sis make sure to check yourself at times.

As humans we can act as our own worst enemy. It's important to realize that they are beautiful things about us, and things that could benefit from changing.

Reflect on your life. If you are constantly blaming others for the downfalls, and inconveniences in your life then check yourself sis, the problem is YOU.

Sometimes The Problem Is You.


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