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3 Podcasts Keeping Me Sane During Ms. Rona

During this pandemic it can be hard to find some joy during the crazy times that is our new normal.

I am going to list 3 Podcasts that I have been enjoying listening to amid these crazy times. I have always been a podcast lover but during this pandemic there's only so much tv you can watch so I have been watching tv and listening to podcasts as well. Here are my top 3 favorite Podcasts that are keeping me on my toes and keeping me sane during this time.

  1. Crime Junkies - The title alone says exactly what this podcast is about. If you are into crime shows, and the Investigation Discovery channel just as much as I do then this is the podcast for you. It's true crime, real cases, about real people. The two hosts walk you through the unfortunate events. This is my favorite podcast because it really draws you in to the case.

  2. Therapy For Black Girls - TFBG is a weekly chat hosted by a Licensed Mental Therapist. She discusses mental health, personal decisions, and more so that we can become the best possible versions of ourselves.

  3. Small Doses with Amanda Seales - I love Amanda Seales so of course I'm going to love her podcast. She keeps it real. She's your favorite truth teller. She gives you small doses and brings you potents truths for your everyday use.

These are the three podcasts that keep me sane daily. I hope during this time of uncertainty and new normal you are finding something that's keeping you sane.

These podcasts can be found on Apple Podcasts, as well as other platforms podcasts are found.


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