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Still paperback copies will be available for purchase on 04/14/2024. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing and for your order to be shipped. All paperback copies purchased directly from my site will be autographed! Thank you for supporting me!


Still is a captivating tale of friendship, love, and the power of second chances. Laila and De'Andre, once inseparable best friends, find their bond shattered by a shocking reveal that tears them apart. After 10 years, a life-changing event forces them to reunite. They are faced with the daunting question: can their friendship be salvaged, or is it too late? Still. Despite their once unbreakable connection, misunderstandings, and regrets drives a wedge between them, leaving wounds that have yet to heal. They are forced to face their shared past and concealed emotions that still exist. They must determine how to deal with the difficulties of reconciliation, forgiveness, and the possibility of a fresh start. Love has its obstacles but what happens when love finds its way back to each other? Will they always be there to make up, as long as they stick together? 'Still'


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