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Trusting God's Plan

Ever been in a situation where you don’t see the outcome of it? Have people told you to pray and trust God? Are you having trouble trusting God in your situation? At times, it can be hard to trust God's timing, but he knows when to reveal to us his blessing. I know that it is hard to trust God at times. I know that you have your good days, and then you have the days where you at like.. God, how long before this or that? You learn after awhile that you cant focus on “this or that” or whatever it is that you are lacking. Your focus must be on God because if you aint content with just him, then he will not bring the things into your life, so you can make those things your idol. Trusting God When You Don’t Understand: Sometimes life brings us situations and trials that we don’t understand. So how do we keep trusting when we don’t understand. The Only Way To Trust God is to obey · Why shall we obey God, if it doesn’t make sense, to begin with? o According to James, faith without work is dead (James 2:17) · In order to get to where we want to be in the future, you need to work on the things NOW to get there. You need to put God in EVERYTHING you work on. Trust Him on the things that you are learning now so, he can fulfill the promise in the future. · If you don’t apply any work to what you want, then you wont receive it. Faith without work is dead! · God places us in situations that don’t make sense and we are to trust him with all our hearts. · The faith we have in God, doesn’t have to be big at all. It just need to be as small as a mustard seed. · When things don’t make sense at the moment, don’t question it! Know that God has your best interest at heart, and believe that there is an outcome to every situation in your life. Remember God loves you, and he wouldn't put you through it if he couldn't get you through. Trust GOD.


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